Crystal Singing Bowls made in Germany

Tones create the music, sound frees the soul


Crystal singing bowls create spherical sounds and can influence us positively.The plain simplicity of the sounds and striking purity of the tones bring us a sense of deep relaxation and an almost meditative state.A musical experience with the crystal singing bowls can harmonise and even completely dissipate your internal troubles and blocks.


Singing bowls are an effective instrument to bring suppressed feelings and hidden emotions to the fore.When you "open inwards" you clear deep-seated physical, spiritual and emotional blocks.You experience feelings more intensely through the sounds of the singing bowls, allowing you to filter out negative emotions and replace these with harmonising and revitalising energy.


Crystal bowls thus increase your self-confidence, intuition, basic sense of trust and creativity.By experiencing your true self, you will rediscover the joy of living in your everyday life.